ERRO is by your side to help the agricultural sector become a major player in the energy transition.

Exploitable real estate such as storage hangars and farm buildings are ideal for installing decentralized electricity production units. Your facilities have real potential.
To combat varying energy prices and stabilize your energy bills, there are various solutions available. There are many different ways you can improve the competitiveness of your facilities and ensure the optimization and stabilization of your revenues:
> Reduction of energy consumption
> Improved equipment efficiency
> Optimal use of by-products through the installation of methane bio-reactors
> Replacement of fossil fuel energy with renewable energy such as photovoltaic, aeolian and biomass

The wide range of technical possibilities available guarantees the success of your project. For consultancy and diagnosis, investment and funding assistance, set up and monitoring of your projects, ERRO is your partner for boosting your development as an energy producer.
A new figures
Methane bio-reactors:
Minimum installation of 50kW
€6,000 - €9,000 per kW installed
8-12 years ROI period

Minimum installation of 36kW on approx. 200m² of roofing
€800 - €1,200 /kW installed
7-12 years ROI period

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