ERRO draws on its expertise to help you better identify risks and secure your investments.

Renewable energy projects require lots of action; from new projects to the renovation of old sites and new technologies, all funding comes with its own set of risks and characteristics. At the heart of your project, a number of elements add to the complexity of finance decisions:
> The diversity and maturity of technology
> Expansion into new territories
> The variety of contractual structures
> The number of major stakeholders

As experts in the European market and with extensive experience in international development, the ERRO team brings together all the skills needed for every stage of your project. From the decision to invest to operational phases, we advise you on tried-and-tested schema, analyse and quantify risks and ensure that all parties respect their commitments. You can rely on us to recommend you solutions that maintain the agility you need for these projects and secure your investments.
A new figures
Aeolian and solar in 2016:

215 billion euros invested

+8% of capacity installed

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